The Club of Rome

The Club of Rome is an organization of individuals who share a common concern for the future of humanity and strive to make a difference. Our members are notable scientists, economists, businessmen and businesswomen, high level civil servants and former heads of state from around the world. Their efforts are supported by the Secretariat in Winterthur, Switzerland, the European Research Centre registered in Constance, Germany and National Associations in more than 30 countries. The Club of Rome conducts research and hosts debates, conferences, lectures, high-level meetings and events. The Club also publishes a limited number of peer-reviewed “Reports to the Club of Rome”, the most famous of which is “The Limits to Growth“.

The Club of Rome’s mission is to promote understanding of the global challenges facing humanity and to propose solutions through scientific analysis, communication and advocacy. Recognising the interconnectedness of today’s global challenges, our distinct perspective is holistic, systemic and long-term.


Humanity faces an existential crisis. We face threats of systemic collapse on many fronts. The philosophical underpinnings of modern societies democratic institutions and core values of respect for human rights, the rule of law and ethical use of science are all under threat. Decades of exponential growth in both population and consumption are now colliding with the limits of the Earth’s biosphere destabilizing the very foundations of intelligent life as we know it today. It is encouraging to see a growing level of consciousness across the globe of the need to ask questions about how we engage in conversations to enable us to shape a new core value system that would enhance harmony between humans and with nature. The critical shift for the Club of Rome is a move beyond sounding the alarm to advancing conceptual frameworks essential for actualizing humanity’s potential as a beneficial rather than solely predatory species.