Most frequent questions and answers about Club of Rome

The Club of Rome receives contributions from a wide range of international organisations, foundations and individuals from around the world. It also receives annual subscriptions from its members.

We post Internship and job openings on our Homepage, in the News section and on our Facebook page.

A good way to learn more about the ongoing activities of the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome is to get in touch with us through the contact us section stating your interest or to attend one of our events.

The Club of Rome is limited to around 100 active members. They are typically well-established and well-respected individuals in disciplines that are of relevance to the Club’s mission, such as social development, economics and environmental sustainability. Members include eminent scientists, business leaders, ex-politicians or retired heads of state. All share a common concern for the future of humanity.

Potential new members should be proposed by a current member to the Executive Committee. If you are interested in becoming a member and believe your background and experience would be of value of the Club, you should first contact an existing member.

Conferences, seminars and public events are regularly organised by the Hellenic Chapter of the Club of Rome. For more information please visit our News or our Facebook page.